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Card Games

Card games have been associated with leisure activities for many years now. Quite a few diverse kinds of card games exist, varying on the basis of region, culture & people.

Card games are generally played with a deck of playing cards. These cards have a face and back each. The back of every card is indistinguishable, to prevent one player from knowing the value of the card that the opponent holds.

Card Games

The number of cards in a deck has evolved over the years and the most commonly accepted decks have 52 playing cards in them, with the exception of some games including 2 or 4 Jokers as well. The deck has 52 unique cards in four different suits, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. It also has thirteen ranking cards ranging from 2 to 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in the respective order.

One of the most popular card games in India over the years has been the Indian rummy, a variation of the original game of rummy. Even today, Indian families love to play the game of rummy in most of their social gatherings and ceremonies. now gives you the opportunity to play this wonderful game of Rummy online as well!

Card Games

Feb - Play Online Rummy

The classical form of Indian Rummy is played in a tournament format. facilitates it’s users with the options of playing on a multiplayer tables as well as a head-to-head 2 player tables. Players can play these tournaments for ‘play money’ as well as ‘real money’. The real money tables have different buy-in amounts. Depending upon the players wish he/she can choose a table starting from Rs. 25/- to Rs. 1900/-. The amount to be won depends on the number of players playing the game. also allows its users to play in jackpot tournaments called ‘Multilevel Collapsible Stake Tournaments’ (MTCT). This format of the game is unique, where a large number of players register for the tournament to win a huge sum as prize. As the tournament progresses and the players are eliminated, the unique feature of this format will dynamically collapse the empty tables or tables with few players and arranges the remaining players in various tables. By doing so, the tables are always full and the players cannot be guaranteed of the same opponents which prevents fraud and increases the excitement till the last table is played. - Online Indian Rummy

Also, there is an option to rebuy at various levels to get back in the game and have a chance to win the huge prize pool. MTCT tournaments run as freerolls as well as restricted ones. The freeroll tournaments present a lucrative opportunity to the players by giving them an opportunity to win real money completely free of cost. is a premium portal for Online Rummy games. With multiplayer table formats and different variations, offers a gaming experience like no other. provides both options of downloading the game as well as playing online. Easy sorting of cards, chatting with online players, exquisite gaming interface and profound usability are some of the unique features that makes a pioneer in online gaming. It also encourages both, new and existing players by giving out generous bonuses in periodic intervals. With a robust system, makes cash transactions extremely easy with complete security. - Online Indian Rummy